Yasheng Group (US)

from the California Secretary of State website 01/13/2017 - searching on "Yasheng".
This was updated at some point to a status of FTB suspended - see the link below
As noted elsewhere, Yasheng Group (US) was evicted from its Redwood City offices two months ago after the President was fired by the
Board of Directors of the parent company (which owns more than 80% of the stock) in China in August.  The addresses are invalid.
Weihao Cui did not then and does not now reside in California and cannot be the agent for service
See the web pages in the Defunct section (link below) for Yasheng Logistic Service and Yasheng Eco-Trade
FTB Suspended California Secretary of State SI-200 with status of FTB suspended
Screenshot Screen capture of California Secretary of State requirements for Agent for Service of Process
Defunct Comments on Yasheng Logistic Service Company Incorporated and Yasheng Eco-Trade Corp
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