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Some screenshots have been added - more will be coming soon (January 2017). In contrast to our usual practice of publishing as forms or functions get done, the bold step of trying to construct a narrative will be undertaken.

In the meantime, QUOLL is fearlessly attacking on two different fronts: re-asking about a dozen world class geologists not only what would help find the Australian Tektite Strewn Field's missing crater (or craters) BUT how the search could be used to teach students and the public how science works.

Trying to calculate goodness of fit for various parameters (size, speed, two angles) as well as impact location needs pretty intense parallel calculations. QUOLL records the hardware configuration so a reasonable performance sample across machines can be compared.

Of interest is if Windows 10 clearly outperforms Windows 7 and 8, especially on Ultrabooks, but how and why. Strangely, the underlying statistical treatment for both sets of data is the same.