Note that by convention negative latitudes are SOUTH of the Equator, while negative longitudes are WEST of
Greenwich England. The latitude and longitude are interpreted as the epicenter, but generally the damage area of the
actual earthquake extends (often in two dimensions) depending on the power of the seismic event. A Richter 5.0  might
barely be felt a kilometer away, while Richter 9.0 typically causes huge deformations extending hundreds of kilometers.  
Estimated Depth is given in kilometers. Countries are abbreviated with FIPS codes to save display space here as the
standard netbook display area is 800 x 480. As earthquakes and tsunamis are notoriously unconcerned about visas, the
notion that an epicenter is associated with a country is being questioned. The Richter scale is logarithmic - a 5.2 is two
times stronger than a 5.1, a 7.3 is 10 times stronger than a 6.3, and a 9.4 is 100 times stronger than a 7.4. Note that when
synch philleme (picture and text lower right corner) is clicked your local database is updated and the events will not
be shown again.