In 2005 we were interested in a
multi-national inter-modal port near
the Chile-Peru border with an eye
toward alleviating Bolivia's economic
hurdles due to being landlocked.
In late 2006 we provided lengthy
Microsoft Word documents in
English and Spanish (Aymara and
Quechua translations were beyond
our reach) and did three separate
presentations for diplomatic staffs.
Among our concerns was the
economic damage were a powerful
marine earthquake with tsunamis to
occur. The 2007 Pisco earthquake  
measured 8.0 on the moment
magnitude scale. It hit the central
coast of Peru on Wednesday August
15, 2007 at 23:40:58 UTC (18:40
local time). The epicenter was
located at 150 kilometres (93 mi)
south-southeast of Lima at a depth
of 39 kilometres (24.2  miles).      
This screenshot from our SAOLA application was an attempt to calculate (in this case
for Chile) the
worst possible epicenter for a seismic event. We eventually cut the
material as too mathematical.