I-MAG STS Corporation BLOG

I-MAG STS combines practical engineering experience with sophisticated Older material
software and advanced statistical models to provide innovative solutions  Saving schools, teachers and
for increasing literacy, coping with linguistic diversity, improving health     students with solar panels
care responding to geological disasters, stabilizing monetary reactions,    Legions of Light
authenticating elections and accelerating commerce. Haiti, Chile, Japan, north Africa
I-MAG STS specializes in forecasting the social and economic impact of Chronology
events like tsunamis and building magnetically levitated super train systems Asian and Pacific seismic
and their accompanying super urban areas.  Projecting the macro-changes  events in the future
for groups of countries, their sub-countries and individual cities and the Indonesia
micro-effects for each citizen requires a wide variety of skills and knowledge. Old bailout projections for the
Consequently, I-MAG STS has experts in leading edge health care, state of American economy
the art education,high-precision agriculture, geology, bio-fuel production,   US States
disaster  recovery management and biometric identity validation. California High schools
Copyright 2011 I-MAG STS Corporation. All rights reserved. Acalanes

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